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  "The only visible return address
for lost or stolen livestock."

Freeze Branding  is the process of using a super cold branding iron to alter the color pigment producing cells. The result is that white or colorless hair, instead of colored hair, grows at the brand site.
Brands are used to identify horses and cattle in Farm Management and as Theft Deterrents. Freeze Branding is quick, painless and permanent identification.  Branded horses are less likely to be stolen since they can be traced more easily by Law Enforcement.  Also, specific identification of horses discourages fraudulent practices with registration papers. Ranch Brands are used to increase marketability of horses based on the ranch's reputation.  Many ranches or owners simply want to personalize horses they've bred, owned, or those of which they are extremely proud.
In the past few years, Freeze (cryogenic) Branding has become very popular because it is safe, economical and easy to do.  Freeze Branding can be done on horses of any age.  Freeze Brands are legible, permanent and difficult to alter.  


MAKE YOUR MARK...  Secure the ownership of your horse with a unique brand.  


There are ear tags.  There are tattoos.  In the brave new world of electronics, there are even microchips embedded under the hide. But to help lost or stolen livestock get back to their rightful owners, there's nothing quite as effective as the good, old fashioned brand.


Chilling the Irons Applying a Brand A Fresh Brand
1/2 hour old 15 minutes old A Finished Brand
A Finished Brand A Finished Brand A Finished Brand
Don't be fooled by Mother Nature:  Be Prepared!
Mother Nature can dish out some of the most terrifying weather and natural disasters... ARE YOU PREPARED?  Identifying your animals, should the worst happen, can be another traumatic event unless you can identify yourself as the owner of the animal.  Prepare ahead by Freeze Branding your horses!

Visit the Sunshine State Horse Council's  web site which contains Emergency Equine Evacuation Information for the State of Florida.


All our irons are made of Brass Alloy with the highest quality metals and superior workmanship by L & H Branding Irons

Equine Registry:  In addition to branding your horse, membership in a law enforcement based association is the key to making sure your horse is recoverable, as these associations have the knowledge and resources to recover  missing horses.  Texas Cattle Raiser's Horse Identification Program (HIP) consists of dozens of trained, certified peace officers that help recover stolen horses. Their extensive, central database records and maintains information on individual horses , which is their best chance of being recovered if they are stolen. They can get immediate help all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and can immediately get the word out to slaughter plants or wherever else needed. This program enables the horse owner to make One call for help. It may be your horse's only chance of being recovered. For more information on TSCRA's HIP program, click on the following link;   Texas Cattle Raisers  Association

FACT:  An estimated 40,000 horses and ponies are stolen annually in the United States.  Identification of your horse is an important factor in preventing theft and is also crucial  to reclaiming your horse if it's recovered. Most stolen horses have no form of ID.

Brands are read from top to bottom, left to right, outside to inside. Your brand can be made using:
**  Standard symbols such as diamond, star, circle, square, horseshoe, etc.
**  Alphabet A - Z
**  Numbers 0 - 9
**  Traditional "Marks"
Fees:  Please call for your customized quote. Discounts also given for multiple brandings. Call for price quote. We have many branding irons to choose from.  We carry the alphabet and numbers as well as many other irons such as heart, lightning bolt, diamond, circle, square,  horseshoe, triangle, rocker, rafter, bar, star, cross, steer head, steer skull, cactus, half circle, arrow, wave,  plus many more! If you would like for us to come to your place or to a particular function, please let us know.
Although our goal is to achieve a white mark on each horse we brand (except for light colored horses), be advised that the hide of each horse varies greatly and therefore, each brand will vary from horse to horse.  Some brands WILL be white. Others will be variegated in color or hairless. The purpose of a brand is to have an identifying mark which will serve as proof of ownership in the event of theft or loss, therefore, we guarantee our brands to be legible identification.  

Debra M. Hill

Serving Florida and the southeast!

Tampa Bay Area: (813) 982-1099 

Toll Free: (888) 7- Brand- it

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